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Learn how to teach a dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is a great place to start with your training. For example, teaching your dog to sit at kerbs can make crossing roads safer and asking your dog to sit when greeting people means they're less likely to jump up.


Teaching your dog how to sit has lots of benefits

Sit is one of the foundations of dog training, so teaching it enables you and your dog to learn many other things.

Sitting can also become your dog's way to say “please” for things he wants.

Teaching your dog to sit helps to increase the calm, controlled behaviour

Teach your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the best first steps in starting your dog's training.

It is a relatively easy trick that you can teach your dog in a couple of days. You can start praciting it right now!

With a treat in your hand, raise the hand above your dog’s head. As soon as your dog’s butt hits the floor say "GOOD" and toss a treat for your dog to go and get it. As soon as your dog has eaten their treat, encourage them back to you and repeat several times.

You will then need to work on distance, durations and distractions. But worry not! With our Sit course you can teach your dog to sit in less than a week.

There are three fundamental things you'll learn with the Sit course


Teach your dog to sit and stay in the position for some time


Learn how to do a Sit in different environments with different distractions


Master Sit for longer period of time with a variety of techniques

How long does it take to teach your dog to sit

We worked with animal behaviourists and trainers to create an easy-to-follow seven-step course. If you only spend ten minutes a day for one week, you'll see the results

What do you need to get started with dog Sit training?

As the Sit course if one of the fundamental courses, it is really easy to get started. All you need is a quiet room at home with a comfortable surface, a garden or a park nearby and a selection of tasty treats that your dog likes (yum!).

Download the Fluffy app and learn how to teach a dog to sit


Once you mater Sit we recommend that you check out these courses

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Learn how to teach a dog to lay down

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