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Pet insurance that comes with rewards for responsible pet parents

Each insurance policy comes with a free subscription to the Fluffy app with 24/7 digital vet clinic, dog training support and more.

Take the right care of your pet using the app and get rewarded with discounts on pet food, treats and more.

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We've got you covered


Veterinary fees

Up to £10k

Cover for surgery, medicine and diagnostic


Complementary Treatment

Up to £750

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Dental Treatment (Accident)

Up to £750

Cover for dental that was caused as a direct result of an accident


Overseas Travel

12 Months

If you travel within the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) your vet cover will be the same as in the UK for trips of up to 30 days each and you can have as many trips as you like

Treatments to prevent future health problems and help with recovery after surgery



Up to £1500

Cover for the purchase price of your pet if they get lost or stolen


Missing Pet Advertising & Reward

Up to £1500

If your pet is lost or stolen, we will reimburse you for advertising costs and for a suitable reward


Third-party liability

Up to £2M

If your pet injured another person or a pet we’ll cover the costs


Death from Illness/Accident

Up to £1500

Cover in case your pet dies from injury or illness 


Multi-pet Discount

Up to 10%

Get up to 10% discount for each additional pet you insure with us


Get exclusive access to pawesome perks with the Fluffy app*


Free dog training

Get access to over 100 training courses from leading experts


Up to 50% off on food, toys & treats

Access special deals on pet food, treats and more


Free 24/7 vet helpline

Talk to a vet for free anytime and anywhere

Free personalised growth plans

Get a week-by-week growth plan personalised to your pup, created by world-leading experts


Access to exclusive community

Join a community of pet parents and get support from like-minded people


How Fluffy works








Pick your insurance plan

Download the Fluffy app

Take the right care of your pet

Get rewards

Choose between several options that include vet bill coverage, third-party liability, theft and more

Get exclusive access to a 1-Year Premium app subscription which includes free training, unlimited vet support and more. Extend your app access for free when you renew your policy

Follow our trainers' and vets' recommendations and earn points

Exchange your points for prizes, such as treats, food and toys


Take better care of your pet and get rewarded

butternut box logo

Up to 50% off the first two boxes with Butternut Box


Up to 35% off the first two boxes with Different Dog


Up to 30% off on pet shampoo at Furbabies Botanicals


Up to 20% off the first order at Forthglade


Up to 60% off the first box at Hello Fresh


Up to 20% off orders at Lily's Kitchen


Up to £80 off on selected wines at Naked Wines


Up to 30% off on selected products at YuMove

over 20 more rewards



Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Currently our policies don’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions. You can still get insurance with Fluffy for the conditions that your pet may develop during the period of insurance. We’re looking to start covering pre-existing conditions soon.

Is your cover limit per year or per condition?

The cover limit you select is per year, and not per condition or pet claim.

Can you pay directly to my vet?

Yes, when you make a claim, you can choose to get reimbursed directly or for us to pay your vet instead.

How hard is it to claim?

Claiming is easy with Fluffy. You need to answer a couple of questions about your pet’s condition and then we’ll reach out to your vet to complete their evaluation.

Can I get the price without requesting a quote?

Unfortunately, like with any other type of insurance, pet insurance price depends on a number of factors such as age, breed, location, gender and other data points. The quote takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Can I use the Fluffy app without purchasing insurance?

Yes, you can. As of the beginning of 2023 we have over 30,000 pet parents using the Fluffy app with an average rating of 4.5/5. The subscription costs between £8-£12 per month, but when you purchase insurance with us, you get access to the app for free.

Can I insure more than one pet?

Yes! You can insure all your cats and dogs with Fluffy. For every additional pet you insure you also get a 10% discount (may be subject to minimum premium)


You're now part of the family

James Auton

Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by Fluffy!

Helen Bradfield

I wish there were care plans like this for humans

Rebecca Freeman

After looking at twenty other options, I finally found the perfect one

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