Why Fluffy?

When we got our first pets, we were surprised by how difficult it is to raise a healthy and happy pet. 

The solutions that were out there simply didn't work. We knew that each and every pet is unique, but all solutions treated them the same.

We decided to assemble a team of certified pet experts to create an app that can guide pet parents, like us, through every step of our journey.

We want to help every pet and pet parent out there, so Fluffy is personalised to every pet's unique breed, age, character and health condition.


What are our values?


Raising a pet should feel more like a game. We create all courses using force-free training methods that are fun both for you and your pup

Simple & Clear

We break down the most complex aspects of pet care into simple steps


We believe that everyone should have access to the right pet care. Here at Fluffy, we try to make all of our products as affordable as possible

Who is behind Fluffy?

Fluffy was created by certified dog trainers, vets and nutritionists. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience.