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Dog separation anxiety training course

Don't know how to leave your dog at home alone? This course has been created to help your dog stay happy, while you are away. Download the Fluffy app to start the separation anxiety training course for free.


Why do you need dog separation anxiety training?

Make it is easier for your dog to stay at home alone while you are away

Give your dog more confidence to be on their own

Your neighbours would be happy once your dog can stay on their own without constant barking 😉

Dog Separation Anxiety Training Course

Separation anxiety can be a distressing condition for both dogs and their owners. This course is designed to address and mitigate symptoms of anxiety that occur when dogs are left alone. It starts with an understanding of the signs of separation anxiety and progresses to strategies that can help alleviate these symptoms.

The training includes a range of techniques such as desensitization and counterconditioning. Owners are taught how to gradually acclimate their dogs to being alone, starting with short durations and progressively increasing the time. The course also includes tips on creating a safe and comfortable space for the dog, along with activities that keep them engaged when alone.

There are three key things you'll learn with the separation anxiety training course


Understand your dog better. Find out why separation anxiety happens in the first place


Learn how to make it easier for your dog to stay alone at home


Find out ways to keep your dog entertained while you're away

How long does it take to complete the dog separation anxiety training course

We worked with animal behaviourists and trainers to create an easy-to-follow seven-step course. If you only spend ten minutes a day for one week, you'll see improvements.

What do you need to get started with the course?

To get started with the training you only need a quiet room and a selection of tasty treats

Download the Fluffy app and learn how to prevent separation anxiety in your dog


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