Personalised health and wellbeing subscription that supports healthy pets and happy pawrents. 

Get a personalised wellbeing kit, designed by our vets and delivered to your door.


From parasite treatment to vitamins and supplements - we've got you covered.

Protect your pet today!

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What will you get with Fluffy?

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Here at Fluffy, we work with leading vets to create personalised care plans.

We analyse the information about your pup's breed, age and unique characteristics to suggest the right care routine and product to support their healthy growth.

All delivered to your door.

How it works

1. Tell us about your pet

We'll use this information to personalise your health  subscription

2. Subscribe to a personalised care plan

We'll recommend a personalised care plan and you'll get the kit straight to your door

3. Get reminded

We’ll deliver the right treatment when it’s due and send you reminders in advance


Our team of experienced vets is here to help you and your pet if you have any questions or concerns.