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Top Rated dog socialisation course

Come and join us on this course for some super dog socialisation tips and learn why it is important to focus on the quality of exposures with other dogs and not the quantity of exposures your dog has at this early stage.


Teaching your dog to socialise with other dogs

Learn how to provide your puppy with quality positive experiences and encounters with other dogs

Understand how dog socialisation with other dogs works and what's going on in your dog's head

Build a stronger bond with your dog by completing fun activities together

#1 Rated Dog Socialisation Course

Socialization is a critical aspect of a puppy's development, and our #1 Rated Dog Socialisation Course is designed to guide you through this important phase. The course focuses on puppies aged 8 weeks to 4 months, aiming to provide positive experiences with other dogs to build confidence and minimize negative encounters. If your dog is older than 5 months and displaying issues like barking or lunging at other dogs, we recommend consulting with one of our trainers for more targeted advice.

The course emphasizes the importance of quality socialization experiences. This involves exposing your puppy to various dogs in a controlled and positive manner, ensuring they have pleasant interactions. These experiences are crucial in preventing fear and aggression in later stages of life. The course also guides you on how to handle different situations and read your puppy's body language to ensure they are comfortable.

The ultimate goal of the course is to help your puppy become a confident and well-adjusted adult dog. We prioritize the emotional well-being of your puppy, understanding that training for behaviors like sit and down will come naturally over time. The course is comprehensive and hands-on, providing you with the knowledge and skills to successfully socialize your puppy.

There are three fundamental things you'll learn with the dog socialisation course


Teach your dog the fundamentals of socialisation with other dogs


Practice different techniques to get your dog comfortable around other dogs


Help your dog to become more confident

How long does it take to teach dog socialisation

We worked with animal behaviourists and trainers to create an easy-to-follow seven-step course. If you only spend ten minutes a day for one week, you'll see great results.

What do you need to get started with the dog socialisation course?

It's very easy to get started with the dog socialisation course. All you need is a selection of treats and ideally you need a friend with another dog for playdates, but you can also meet other dogs in the nearest park

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