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House training a rescue dog - all you need to know

Here at Fluffy, we want to encourage people to adopt dogs and we're here to provide all the support that is needed. This course is very different to the rest. We're not going to practice much, but we'd tell you some of the things you need to consider and share some of the most important steps you need to follow. Download the Fluffy app and learn how to house train a rescue dog


What might be the challenges with rescue dogs

Housebreaking issues should always be kept in mind before adopting a rescue dog.

If the rescue dog’s owner was abusive, harsh and aggressive, the dog might have developed a fear of people.

Out of shyness or low-confidence, the rescue dogs often display an anti-social behaviour.

House Training a Rescue Dog

House training a rescue dog can be challenging but rewarding. It's important to understand that rescue dogs may come with past experiences that affect their behavior. Patience and consistency are key to helping them adapt to their new home. Establish a routine for feeding, toilet breaks, and exercise. This predictability helps the dog feel secure and understand what is expected of them.

Positive reinforcement is essential. Reward and praise your dog for going to the bathroom outside. If accidents happen indoors, clean them up without punishment. Use enzymatic cleaners to eliminate odors and discourage remarking. Keep an eye on your dog for signs that they need to go out, such as pacing or sniffing around.

Understand that setbacks may occur, especially in the early stages. Be patient and consistent, and seek help from a professional trainer if needed. With time and understanding, your rescue dog will learn and adjust to their new life and routine.

There are three fundamental things you'll learn with this course


Learn what information do you need to gather from a rescue prior to bringing your new pup home


Understand how to prepare your house for the new family member


Find out the basics of house training a rescue dog and afterwards explore other relevant courses

How long does it take to house train a rescue dog

We worked with animal behaviourists and trainers to create an easy-to-follow seven-step course. If you only spend ten minutes a day for one week, you'll see improvements in your dog's behaviour.

What do you need to get started with house training a rescue dog?

House training a rescue dog doesn't require any special equipment. You'll only need some yummy treats and a motivation to stay consistent with your training

Download the Fluffy app today and start house training your rescue dog


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